The FES Shared Leadership Team is a committee consisting of teachers, support staff, parents and community representation that help make decisions at FES. Purpose: To provide a forum for communication to take place between all stakeholders of the school. To assist the administration in making decisions for the betterment of Franklin Elementary students.



Jeannie Womble K / Pre 1st
Judy Gregg 1
Sherry McMahan 2
Kristen Carter 3
Jennifer Ryan 4
Jennifer Alvarado Related Arts
April Carrigan SpEd / Specialists
Vikki Saleem Support Staff
Josh Leyhew (Vulcan) Community
Chuck Thacher Parent
Sara Sweitzer Parent
Josh Smith Parent
Jeremy Clark Parent
Tony Caudill Parent
Caroline Beauchamp Parent
Doug Kidd Parent
Lori Jones, Nicole Clark P.T.O. Co-Coordinator/Rep
Cheryl Kidd, Shannon McWaters P.T.O. Co-Coordinator/Rep
Non-voting Members:
David Esslinger Principal
Anne Riley Assistant Principal