Franklin Elementary School is located near the heart of historic downtown Franklin, TN. The school lies on property that was part of the Battle of Franklin during the Civil War. Although our surroundings are historic, our teaching and learning is innovative with the best research-based practices implemented in our classrooms.

We take pride in the ethnic and economic diversity that exists among our student body. Each child is valued and loved as we work as a community of learners to each reach our potential. You will be impressed as you walk into our school lobby and see the photographs of our students and displays of their artwork proudly decorating our halls. We invite you to come and visit!

We have built a safe, community atmosphere in which we care about and for each other. It is a great environment in which to grow up and become a responsible young adult.


Vision, Mission and Beliefs

Franklin Elementary Vision

We envision a school that embraces diversity in a safe and caring environment where assessment drives instruction and students are engaged learners who develop the character traits necessary to become productive citizens.  We envision a school where faculty, parents, and community members collaborate to foster excellence and success in life-long learning.

Franklin Elementary Mission

To provide excellent academic, emotional, artistic, and physical experiences in a professional learning environment.

Our Beliefs

Learning:  We believe everyone is a learner and has the right to learn. All learners are challenged to meet high expectations.  Learning is a life-long endeavor that is meaningful, inquiry-driven, and actively constructed through individual and social experiences.

Stakeholder Expectations:  We believe learning is enhanced when all students, parents, staff, and community members share responsibility in advancing the school’s mission through open and honest communication and collaboration.

Policy Making:  We believe that the policies and decisions focus on meeting the needs of the students and represent the values and beliefs of the school community. We value stakeholder input and collaboration.

Instruction:  We believe effective instruction is student centered and encourages children to explore, experiment, and experience the joy of learning in a safe and nurturing environment. Instruction is differentiated to engage and challenge students while meeting their individual needs.

Relationships:  We believe that positive, trusting relationships are necessary to build and maintain an efficient and effective learning environment.  Our relationships honor diversity, respect different viewpoints, and utilize individual strengths to build a professional learning community.

Assessment:  We believe that purposeful, ongoing assessment drives instruction and measures learning.  Assessments are authentic, varied, and performance driven.


What makes Franklin Elementary so special?

  1. The teachers, the teachers, the teachers! Each one is so very professional , dedicated, personable, creative, and hard working. They are willing to work “outside the box” when appropriate and to always do what’s best for children. They have high expectations for all children and for themselves.
  2. Research-based practices are used to provide excellent instruction, which is differentiated to meet the varied ability level of each student. Teachers have the freedom and encouragement to be creative and “on the cutting edge.” Teachers inform instructional style and classroom organization to meet the needs of all students in their classrooms.
  3. Franklin Elementary is a professional community where students and staff feel accepted and are encouraged to continue life-long learning.
  4. There is ample support for teachers in materials and supplies as well as professional development from both the school and district level.
  5. The curriculum is clearly articulated and is focused on the state standards. Teachers effectively use disaggregated assessment data to plan units and lessons tailored to the specific needs of students.